isidoro francisco

isidoro francsico is a New York-based menswear label, designed by Isidoro Francisco. The label’s universal style equally evokes baseball uniforms, hip-hop crews, karate sensei and the 1970s. Launched in Spring/Summer 2015, the label is based off of simplicity, sporty and easy concepts as well as prints.

The satin “boys of new york” bomber jacket stands as isidoro francisco’s signature piece. The bomber jacket features the words “boys of new york” embroidered on its back encouraging comradery the same way the hip-hop crews of the 90s and early 2000s did.

The brand’s adaptability serves as the key reason the isidoro francisco label will be a favorite among stylists and fashion lovers. Stylists can pair the “boys of new york” jacket with crisp white high-top sneakers and blue jeans to touch on its athletic leanings. The fluidity of the clothing also makes it possible for women to wear the isidoro francisco label emphasizing its unisex appeal.

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